Vintage Handmade Tobacco Color Scritto Design Briefcase


This handmade briefcase is for anyone who wants a vintage leather bag. This timeless briefcase are lovingly hand crafted from supplier of Italian vegetable tanned leather. It's has scritto engraving design.Briefcase features a zipper closure, large compartment with separate tablet or laptop. Inside compartments with zipper at the middle and four pockets at two sides of the briefcase. It has a patina design with scriptto engraving. It give unique and nice look. By the way of exposure to the sun and oils from your hands, which will give a deeper, more complex coloring and will last for decades.


* Cowhide genuine leather


Length:  43.0 cm / 16.29 inch
Height:  31.5 cm / 12.40 inch
Width:    9.0 cm /   3.54 inch